What is Tradematix

Meet Tradematix, your perfect gateway to automated trading! We are here to empower traders around the world to make trading smart and easy with auto trading bots.

Our AI autotrading bots offer intelligence, efficiency and reliability, inspiring both beginner and experienced traders to optimize their strategies and take their trading to the new level. Get your free automated trading bot app from Tradematix and change your trading experience for the better today!

How do Tradematix robots trade?

The robots constantly analyze the market with technical analysis tools and find the best trading pairs to open deals. To improve the accuracy of trading, you can use the Indicator Summary tool, which becomes available in every Tradematix app after you make a deposit. It analyzes the market with 20+ indicators at the same time to catch the best opportunities possible.

What are the main features?

Auto-trading bots by Tradematix allow you to discover smart and smooth automated trading with exclusive features such as automated technical analysis, selection of the best indicator and asset with the highest profit percentage, ready-made backtested strategies, risk management tools, 24/7 support and fraud prevention measures.

Are the apps free to use? Are there any hidden fees?

Our apps are absolutely free! You can use a demo account to try out the robot and practice your trading skills without a deposit. To start trading on a real account and be able to withdraw profits, you need to create a new trading platform account within Tradematix app and then make a deposit. No commissions or hidden fees.

Do Tradematix robots guarantee profit?

Our robots are a useful tool that can help you automate trading and save your time on opening trades, tracking trends and researching the market. Setting it up and deciding on deposit amounts, strategies and timeframes is still up to you. Please keep in mind that trading always involves risks and it is not possible to guarantee profits. If you’re still building confidence in trading, you can practice your skills on a demo account without any risk.

What is a demo account?

Demo is a training account with $10,000 for you to practice your trading skills. You don’t need to deposit any money to use it. All the transactions are made the same way as on a real account, but you can’t withdraw any profits you make. You can test any of Tradematix robots on a demo account, and then switch to a real account when you feel you are ready. You will also get access to our exclusive Indicator Summary tool to increase your trading accuracy.

Which app should I choose?

Choosing the best auto trading bot can be challenging. We offer free innovative AI trading bot apps to automate trading on popular platforms such as Olymp Trade, Binomo, IQ Option, Pocket Option and Quotex. In any of Tradematix apps, available on Android, iOS, and web versions, you will find free forex trading bots, crypto trading bots and more to identify the best trading signals every day and capture every profit opportunity. Whether you are a forex trader or a crypto enthusiast, all of our bots are equipped with advanced features to boost your trading journey.
If you struggle to make a choice, just try our app of the month. We choose one of our apps each month based on its popularity among our traders, as well as the benefits and current events on the trading platform it runs on.